The Division of Student Affairs supports employees both inside and outside of work, resulting in staff members who are dedicated, productive, and satisfied


Through collaboration, engagement, and innovation, the Division of Student Affairs creates understanding, respectful, and flexible work environments to support employees both inside and outside of work, resulting in staff members who are dedicated, productive, and satisfied.

The Division of Student Affairs provides opportunities and resources for staff members to manage their work lives and their lives outside of work by promoting:

  • policies, practices, and programs that foster respect and support for the whole person;
  • an understanding that when, where, and how work gets done can be fluid, flexible, and adaptive;
  • work spaces which are tailored to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • collaboration and ongoing dialogue about work-life in each department; and
  • ways that staff can stay informed about, and actively participate in, divisional and university-wide programs and opportunities.

(in accordance with the Exempt and Nonexempt Memorandums of Understanding)


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"I was attracted to the University of Maryland because of Student Affairs' focus on Work-Life balance"
- from a new staff member, August 2014

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Student Affairs Employee Spotlights:

Tracy Kiras

"As a working mother, I have truly benefited from the Division’s commitment to Work-Life integration.  I feel fortunate to be able to work an adjusted schedule.  This allows me flexibility and time to meet the needs of my demanding schedule as a mom to three young children and continue to make professional contributions to the students whom I enjoy working with, the Department of Resident Life and the University of Maryland."





Angela Jackson

"Modifying my work schedule each week to prepare for professional certification has helped me balance my personal pursuits with workplace effectiveness.  By working a compressed work week, I’ve put my best foot forward at work and in my studies.  I really appreciate having a schedule and supportive supervisor that allow me to prepare for my professional exam."

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