Wall of Fame

Janet Archer of Resident Life
Executive Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Director of Resident Life
Her responsibilities and influence have grown over the last twelve years because of her initiative, strong administrative abilities, and communication skills.  She is one of our greatest assets in the Office of the Director and her roles extend to working with other units in the department and Division of Student Affairs.  
Dave Bullock of Dining Services
Assistant Director in Dining Services
Dave is the perfect definition of an unsung hero.  During snowstorms and hurricanes, while most of the campus is safely at home, Dave is here, making pizzas at 1 AM for snow removal crews or helping move the lines in the C shops when every other store in the area is closed.  … He never tries to take credit for his accomplishments, he prefers to work quietly... Read more
Corin Gioia Edwards of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Associate Director in the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Corin is an exceptional professional.  Over the years, I have come to rely upon her in times of calm or crisis as a person who I can turn to for insight and advice.  She remains unflustered and level-headed, and often can cut directly to the heart of the problem and identify solutions . . . we are lucky to have her working in Student Affairs here at... Read more
Yvette Lerma Jones of The Stamp
Coordinator for Latina/o Student Involvement in the Stamp Student Union
The initiative that most displays her commitment is her work with undocumented students.  Yvette founded the UndocuTerp Collective designed to help create awareness about the experiences of undocumented students among faculty and staff and to provide them with resources so that they can better support these students.  
Kate Juhl of the University Career Center
Program Director at the University Career Center
She has this unique ability to dream big and then flawlessly break down that dream into small, detailed steps for a successful program or initiative.  She is thoughtful, kind and the ultimate representation of an engaged student affairs practitioner.  
Allison Tjaden of Dining Services
Assistant Director of New Initiatives in Dining Services
The undertaking of three large and comprehensive efforts deserves much recognition.  They have become defining programs for Dining Services.  Allison’s leadership, commitment, and endless energy have made those endeavors the success they are today.  She is a determined and energetic professional that has been able to pull together resources … from other... Read more
Erica Ely of the University Career Center
Program Director for Internships at the University Career Center
 She is always approachable, collaborative and strategic.  “No” is not a word in her vocabulary.  She is a model of what an engaged, student-centered professional should be.  [Student Affairs] is lucky to call Erica one of our own!    
Carlton Green of the University Counseling Center
Staff Psychologist in the Counseling Center
“I don’t feel that a letter can completely and clearly communicate just how much of a gem he is.  I wish that I could just write, “He is Amazing!” and have the review committee grasp what I mean!  I can, without reservation, state that Dr. Green does not seek out attention to or recognition of his hard work.”  - Outstanding Service Award nomination letter  
Bobby Marousis of Dining Services
Food Service Supervisor for Dining Services
He leads a team of event drivers and warehouse workers and is responsible for ensuring that all catered events have the equipment they need at the time they need it.  We would not be able to execute the beautiful and seamless events our customers are used to without the organizational legwork that Bobby puts in advance.    
Vania McBean of University Recreation & Wellness
Assistant Director for Information Technology at University Recreation and Wellness
Vania’s most salient quality may be her ever-present positive attitude.  She never seems frustrated by the many technical issues that probably arise every day; she just goes about solving them with a smile on her face.