False Monarchy Now on Exhibit at The Stamp Gallery

A visitor gets a close up view of the False Monarchy exhibit at The Stamp Gallery.
Friday, February 2, 2018

False Monarchy, a new exhibition on view at The Stamp Gallery from Philadelphia-based artist Kyle Kogut, uses the symbols of occultism and the iconography of the auto industry to explore contemporary American myths.

The son of an auto mechanic, Kogut works in response to his own family background and upbringing, considering how narratives of the artist’s creative expression relate to labor, class, and mortality. The work in False Monarchy includes a number of Kogut’s recent drawings, which are influenced by the visual idioms of American automotive propaganda, as well as by the precision and themes of Northern Renaissance draughtsmanship. Kogut’s work considers both the nihilistic and liberatory possibilities of repetitive, detail-oriented artistic practice, and links these processes to modes of self-creation that challenge dominant narratives of American society.

This solo exhibition, curated by Stamp Gallery Coordinator Raino Isto, presents a collection of new installations, objects, and two-dimensional works by Kogut, all examining the effects of America’s continued attachment to the myth of heavy industry as a source of economic growth and consumer euphoria. 

False Monarchy is on display at The Stamp Gallery, now through March 17. The Stamp Gallery is free and open to the public: Mondays–Thursdays: 10 am–8 pm; Fridays: 10 am–6 pm; Saturdays: 11 am–5 pm; Sundays: Closed. 

For more information, visit thestamp.umd.edu/gallery.


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