Safety & Security

The safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors is a top priority at the University of Maryland, College Park. Help keep UMCP a safe and secure community!

Call 911 or the University Police Emergency at 301-405-3333 immediately if you see/hear of 

  • Emergencies
  • Weapons
  • Violence (striking, pushing, or assaulting a person)
  • Substantial disturbance
  • or, Threat (in person, over the telephone, or electronically)
  • Stalking– pursuing another person 
  • Destructive behavior –damaging property
  • Verbal aggression – expressions of uncontrollable anger, hostility, or frustration
  • Disorderly or substantially disruptive behavior
  • Unusual, bizarre, or disturbing behavior


“See Something . . . Say Something!”

University Police

The University of Maryland’s Department of Public Safety is the police agency serving the University community. The University’s police officers are State certified with all of the same powers and authority as any other sworn police officer in Maryland. Over 100 Student Police Aides patrol the campus, provide walking escorts, work as contract security, and provide traffic direction and control at special events.

Feel free to contact the Department of Public Safety with any safety or security issue or question you may have. The non-emergency number to use to talk with someone is 301-405-3555.

Department of Public safety provides an Alert System to notify the community in case of a major campus emergency via mobile devices that faculty, staff and students have registered.

Concern for Students

It is rare for UM students to be disruptive, threatening, or violent.  But if you are concerned about a student’s behavior, in or out of class, please call.

Police: If you see or hear of weapons, violence, substantial disturbance, or threats, call 911 immediately.  Or call the University Police Emergency Line at 301-405-3333.

Counseling Center: If you are concerned about a student and you have reason to believe that a counselor might be able to help, call the Counseling Center at 301-314-7651 to discuss the situation.  The Counseling Center provides assessment, consultation, and counseling & comprehensive psychological services.

Mental Health Services:  If you are concerned about a student and have reason to want to talk about  psychiatric evaluation and care, call Mental Health Services in the University Health Center at 301-314-8106.  Mental Health Services provides psychiatric care, evaluations, therapy, and treatments.  

Student Conduct:  If you are concerned about a student’s conduct, honesty, or integrity and would like to talk with someone about it, please call the Office of Student Conduct at 301314-8204.  The Office of Student Conduct  addresses issues of misconduct under the Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity and protects the integrity of the institution and its values.

Student Affairs: For any concern you may have about a student, feel free to call the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at 301-314-8428.  The Division of Student Affairs strives to support and enrich students’ personal, social, and intellectual development at the University.  

BETA (Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment) Team is comprised of five units - Police, Counseling Center, Mental Health Services, Student Conduct, and Student Affairs. Working collaboratively, the BETA Team evaluates students of concern; provides consultation and resources to faculty, staff, and students; and refers student of concern to appropriate on-campus units. 

On-Campus Security

NITE Ride” is a curb-to-curb bus service operated by the Department of Transportation Services so that people do not have to walk across campus alone at night.  NITE Ride is available seven nights a week from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.  Call (301) 314-NITE (6483) to request a NITE Ride.

The University of Maryland Police Department's escort service is for anyone who feels unsafe walking across campus at any time. Student Police Aides (SPAs) provide escorts and patrol the campus on foot and on bicycle. Call 301-405-3555.

Blue Light Emergency Phones (or Public Emergency Response Telephones - PERT) provide a direct connection to the University of Maryland Police Department and are located throughout the campus either inside or outside of residence halls, administrative and academic buildings. Use a blue light emergency PERT phone to contact police or call for an escort.

Safety and Security from the Department of Resident Life

The University takes steps that contribute toward maintaining a safer and more secure environment. However, a truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of all its community members. Resident Life provides tips to help you stay safe on campus.

Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention

The CARE (Campus Advocates Respond and Educate) program in the Health Center responds to and helps prevent sexual and relationship violence.  The victim advocates confidentially assist any crime victim with support services and resources and respond to incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment affecting all genders of the University community. The CARE team educates about sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment and bystander intervention to empower members of the University community to end such violence.